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The Church We See


The church we see is one that passionately carries her mission to every corner of the world. From individuals, to technology, the message and the hope of Jesus is delivered to every tongue and nation.

The church we see is one that is added to daily. It is relentlessly pursuing the commission given by Jesus to “go and make disciples.”  A Church that wraps her arms around the outcast, the disenfranchised, the marginalized, the down and out, and the up and out.  

We see a church who looks like a piece of heaven. Made up of all races, backgrounds, ages, and economic statuses. Each member just as valued and valuable as the next.

The church we see is aggressively pursuing transformation in Jesus. From our individual lives, to the surrounding communities. This church is not satisfied with remaining where they're at but rather desires all that God has for them.

We see a church that is dedicated to raising up the next generation, preparing them to lead boldly and positioning them to live out their destiny.

We see a community that is dedicated to a lifestyle of servant leadership, putting the needs of others above their own. A community living a life that is viewed as “not normal” but is so attractive to others that they can’t help but desire to learn more about the God we serve.

The church we see will be the heartbeat of her community. Her influence will be so infectious that anyone who calls Alliance their home  will not have gone a day without being impacted by this church. 


Dependent on the Holy Spirit, we see a people that will take risks and step out in faith. A people that live by faith and not by sight. Who joyfully walk out the call to follow Jesus. 


The Church we see is willing to do anything short of sin to see all people come to life in Jesus. Whatever the cost, we count it as nothing in our desire to see revival occur in our communities and in our world.


The church we see is Sozo Church. 

We exist to see all people come to life in Jesus

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